The Taste of Birell

Birell Belgian Wit


Birell Belgian Wit

Fruity, refreshing and easy-drinking. An alcohol-free beer with a taste of summer. Fruity, but also refreshing. A thirst-quenching and easy drinking beer.

Appearance: Hazy light yellow colour, with creamy white foam.
Aroma: Intense fruit character dominated by exotic fruits with a hint of citrus peels and a subtle note of coriander.
Taste: Characteristic exotic fruit flavour with a dash of citrus. Subtle bready notes. Light and slightly sweet and sour with a smooth bitterness.
Aftertaste: Prolonged fruity flavour and smooth bitter aftertaste.

  • 500ml can
  • Alcohol Free
  • Energy (kcal) 27/100ml
  • Energy (KJ) 115/100ml
  • Fat (g) 0.0/100ml
  • Protein 0.4/100ml
  • Carbohydrate (Of which sugar) 6.0/100ml
  • Salt 0.0/100ml