The Story of Birell

How we make alcohol-free beers without compromise

Our story

The roots of Birell originated in Switzerland in 1962 in the Hürlimann Brewery. The brewers had a deep knowledge of yeast and the role it plays in fermentation, which is when the alcohol in beer is created. They found a way to brew with a special type of yeast so that it produced very little alcohol, even though the fermentation takes just as long as in brewing regular beer. As a result, Birell retains the characteristics of a classic beer – body, mouthfeel, foam, and most importantly great taste – but as an alcohol-free beer.

The process



1. Brewhouse
For Birell, we begin the brewing process, using barley malt, hops and water.

2. Fermentation
Next we add yeast to the brew. However, this is where it gets tricky: we stop the fermentation at exactly 1% ABV. We do this by rapidly cooling the brew…



3. Dealcoholizing/Filtration
…and immediately filtering it to remove alcohol.

So that’s how it’s done! The result is Birell – a naturally refreshing alcohol-free beer with no compromise on taste.